Counter UAV

 Compact short range air defense system with modular design to counter medium/small drones, UAVs - can have Civil/Military modifications (replaceable warheads - one drone design for both modifications).

The number of modules of a certain type is variable, allows the final user to form flexibly the required configuration of the complex.
Small dimensions, extremely easy to transport, install, operate and maintain - it can be provided with just one person.

In the civilian modification, a drone equipped with a non-lethal warhead passes near the target,
shooting it with a net, returning to the starting point to recharge the battery and reload of the payload.

Central control node.
  • Offline automatic operation, local / remote operator control.
  • The modules of the complex can be placed at a distance of up to ~2 km, in arbitrary locations, which ensures the high reliability of the complex: at destroying several modules, the system automatically activates the reserve.
  • Operation in the mode of complete radio silence and small dimensions make it almost impossible to detect for attack the control node.
  • The number modules of a some type is variable, which makes it possible to flexibly form the required configuration of the complex.
  • Modules can be connected / disconnected in HotPlug mode.
Drones launcher node.
  • Capacity: 10 interceptor drones.
  • All weather operation.
  • AESA radar with 5km coverage.
  • Ability to detect small size targets on low altitude.
Transmitting node.
  • Communication with interceptor drones via a secure communication channel

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